The Bealey Papers

Welcome to Bealey’s Blog which is all about the papers of the Bealey family of Radcliffe, near Bury in Lancashire.

Last year, Bury Archives received funding to sort through and catalogue the papers and this blog is where we will be telling you about the development of the project and what we discover about their family story as it unfolds.

There are about 37 boxes of papers, many of which do not seem to have been touched since they were wrapped in brown paper in the nineteenth century. We are hoping that they will help us to uncover the history of the Bealey family and their bleaching works which remained in Bury until 1980 when it closed down.

A quick look through the papers has already got us excited – one of the Bealeys went on the Grand Tour and wrote letters home to his family, apparently there is talk of a giraffe. Another founded and built a Wesleyan chapel while yet another built a hospital in Radcliffe.

Sadly, we don’t seem to have any photographs in the collection and so if anyone knows of any or happens to have some, we would very much like to see them!

 We will be keeping you up to date with the exciting developments of the project as the papers give up their secrets and our project archivist will be explaining about what it is like to catalogue a collection such as this. There is also a team of volunteers who are carrying out research and they will be telling you what they discover about the family tree and in the newspapers, local gossip as it happened!

We will be posting again in the next few days….so watch this space.

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2 Responses to The Bealey Papers

  1. Joanna Hands says:

    Samuel Henry Renshaw was my great grandfather. I have recently found a family tree he started complete up to 1915. The receipts from the Britiannia Mill are lovely for me to see, is there anyway I can get photocopies for my family research. My father died last year, he was the last living Renshaw from that branch of the family so I am trying to find out as much as possible.

    • bealey says:

      Thank you for visiting our blog on the Bealey Papers. We are looking through the receipts to see how many there are for the Britannia Mill so that we can give you an idea of the cost for photocopies. When we know, I will contact you and send a copyright form for you to sign.

      We liked the Britannia Mill receipts and thought that they were little works of art in their own right. If you have any information about the mill, we would be interested to know. Good luck with the Renshaw family research.

      Gilly Paxton
      Bealey Papers Project Archivist

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