Publicity and our Bealey Poster

As with most collections, one of the most difficult things for me to do as the project archivist is to get what I’m doing publicised and the archives used by as many people as possible without compromising the limited time I have available for doing the “professional” things such as arrangement, conservation and cataloguing.  To help me get the Bealey’s noticed at this stage in the project, I’ve enlisted the help of Amy Gregory, a professional graphic designer from Lancaster who kindly volunteered to use her expertise to create this fantastic poster for the project.

Bealey poster

A professionally created poster makes a huge difference for the image of the project and will help to get the archive noticed.

 This poster has been sent to all of the local libraries and is displayed in the main library at Bury including the local history section.

 There are also copies in the museum and art gallery which is particularly appropriate as the picture of Adam Crompton Bealey is part of the “Bury International” exhibition.

 Without this poster on display in public places, it would have been difficult for me to get people to see what I’m doing, advertise the blog and to publicise the papers while I’m still using my time on the cataloguing stage of the project.

 The response which we have had so far has been good and we have found photographs of other members of the Bealey family which we will be sharing with you soon.

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