Great plans for the future…but what are they?

Plan ID

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Can anyone help us identify several machinery and building plans or drawings which we have in the Bealey collection but so far have been unable to identify.

Plan ID05

Does anyone know what this is or what it was used for?


Some seem to be sketches, while others are obviously detailed drawings but they have no title and give no clue as to what they are about!

Plan ID 006

This blueprint tells us that these were purifiers, but we don't know what they were for or how they fitted into the overall manufacturing or bleaching processes of the factory.


We urgently need some technical advice to identify these drawings and plans. Can you tell us the processes involved in bleaching or manufacturing alkali?

If you think you can help, or know of anyone with a knowledge of the bleaching industry or who may have worked for Bealey’s, please contact Gilly Paxton, The Bealey Archivist at Bury archives on 0161 253 6782 or email

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3 Responses to Great plans for the future…but what are they?

  1. Ian Vipond says:

    The helmshore museum have a lot of knowledge about bleaching. Have you any contacts there?

  2. bealey says:

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the information about Helmshore Museum. I don’t have any contacts there at the moment but I will certainly follow this information up in the near future.

    Gilly Paxton

  3. Sam Kennion says:

    The first drawing is probably an apparatus for drying. The second, round item, is almost certainly a pipe joint. There are some similar ones at Nob End locks on the MB&B Canal, not far from Bealeys.

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