My new role!


My name is Nic and I am employed as a Collections Assistant in the newly formed Centre for Cultural Collections. The development of this Centre marks the amalgamation of the Bury Archive Service with Local and Family History.IMG_0920_edited-1

I have been in position now since the middle of June 2014. My background involves several changes of career over the years including: shop assistant; nurse; research nurse supervisor and library assistant. My most recent incarnation as a Collections Assistant is proving to be the most challenging as well as the most enjoyable. Let me clarify that a little! It’s challenging as this is a whole new discipline with lots of new techniques, a new cataloguing system and new processes to learn. I am on a steep learning curve but more than ready for the challenge! Oh the thrill when you open a document or locate a photograph and feel the history oozing out! What a treat. It’s like opening a present every day as there is always something to discover or someone to impress with the documents we hold.IMG_0446_edited-1

Even in the short time that I have worked here we have helped customers researching their family, houses or the local area; we have supported other departments within the Council and assisted academics with research.IMG_0444_edited-1

I hope my contributions to this blog will enable me to give you a taste of my role and all the things I’ll be learning over the coming weeks, months and years. I also promise to let you see some of the fantastic discoveries I know I’ll be making.IMG_1906-Edit

I’d also like to encourage you to come and visit us here at Moss Street. You may be searching for information, participating in one of our workshops and events or you may be looking to deposit some original documents or photographs into our care. Are you  planning events of your own and think we may be able to assist or perhaps you would like to volunteer? Please contact us and we will do all we can to help.

IMG_1897-Edit-2-EditBest Wishes


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3 Responses to My new role!

  1. jess says:

    very informative, carry on the good work

  2. Andrew McElvenney says:

    Well where do i start. I’ve been looking for pictures of my Great Grandfather Raymond Furniss for many years without sucess as there arn’t any within the family and you have one on your “recent donations” section from last month in an autograph book. I don’t suppose there are/you have any further details on Raymond or even his wife Sophia who i know aslo appeared at the Bury Hippodrome while he was manager there?

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