Finding a suitable home.

The Centre for Cultural Collections would like to thank the staff at Ramsbottom Library for forwarding two photographs to be conserved in the Borough Archive. A customer had been looking for a place to re-home these photographs and some other World War 1 artefacts. Library staff contacted us here at the CfCC and we advised them to package the photographs in a padded envelope along with the donors contact details for our attention. Unfortunately the Archive can only accept photographic, audio and documentary records so any artefacts have to be offered directly to Bury Museum. We gave Ramsbottom Library the museum curator’s details so she could assess the potential deposit.


Donated photographs: Soldiers WW1

Once again the fantastic work of our heritage lottery project “Bury Remembers the First World War” has yielded results as I was easily able to find the soldiers obituary and photograph, published in the Bury Times 1918. I forwarded copies of these, a donation agreement and a letter of thanks to the donor.

I was lucky enough to speak to the donor on the telephone a few days later and he was very happy that these items have found a safe home.



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