Horrible Histories

HH_BB_WEB_EXHIBITIONPAGE_1360x800_v1_0Anyone out there a Horrible Histories fan? My family certainly are and we were all thrilled to be invited to the preview of the Imperial War Museum North’s Horrible Histories Blitzed Brits exhibition.

The event started at 5pm and we arrived just in time after a frantic journey to Manchester via a tram system that wasn’t covering the city centre! Still-as with all good adventures- the trials were more than made up for by the fantastic experience! My family; two under nines, two recycled teenagers (grandma and pop’s) and my husband and I had a great time. The exhibition is very bright, colourful and full of opportunities to interact. There was even a cow to be milked! The children were guided around the displays by a workbook that was full of puzzles and instructions to gather information.

We explored the effect of the Blitz on the home and the high street and entered an air raid shelter. We shone torches and identified objects in the black out as well as watching archived film footage of children being evacuated-displayed through the windows of a mocked up train carriage! Dressing up outfits encouraged the children to think about the roles that were played during the war. All of this child friendly display was enhanced by lots of information, artefacts and original documents to keep the adults entertained. After two hours I had to drag my family away!

This is a great example of how to engage children and families with history. Within the Borough we have a couple of fantastic family events coming up; “Light Night” on the 16th of October and the “Bury Remembers the First World War” exhibition at the Met 07th November that will showcase all of the hard work that has been achieved on our project so far. We hope to see you there!



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