Commemorating Shakespeare 400

April 2016 commemorates 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare and to mark this, the Archive Department along with Bury Libraries are organising some fabulous events and activities. One of these will take the form of a competition where the winner will receive a £30.00 Book Token. This exciting competition will be centred around a collection of props featured in five of Shakespeare’s most famous plays and will be open to all users of Bury Libraries! Although the display cabinet containing the items will be viewable at Bury Library – images of the items, competition questions, rules and entry forms will be distributed to other libraries in the Borough. In addition to the competition, we will be giving away commemorative postcards and bookmarks and encouraging you to borrow books, DVDs and audio material to help you discover (and re-discover) the fabulous world of William Shakespeare.


Celebrating Shakespeare 400 with Bury Libraries



We recognise that ‘Shakespeare’ does not just represent words on a page (as beautiful as these words are) but is meant to be performed. With this in mind we are organising some professional readings of Shakespearean soliloquies, sonnets and famous quotes. We will also explore how these might translate into local dialects, modern-day slang and on into teenage culture which will then be used to create our very own podcast.  We certainly agree with fellow playwright Ben Jonson when he wrote of Shakespeare, ‘He was not of an age, but for all time!’


Play Boards created by Marysia Wierburn Bury Library

The competition will open on the 1st April and further details of this and our other events will be posted in our e-zine, our blogs, Library Display Boards and on social media. We do hope you will join us in celebrating Shakespeare 400.


Postcard commemorating Shakespeare 400. Documents from Bury Archive Service.

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