Photograph of the Month: Summerseat?

Amongst the donations we received this month was a beautifully-preserved photograph album dated from the early part of the 20th century. The donor, Mrs Wood, tells us that the album belonged to her Grandfather, Albert Henry Winterburn, who lived and worked in Summerseat during the First World War and early 1920s.  Unfortunately Albert had not recorded exactly where the pictures were taken but Mrs Wood thinks the whole of the album relates to Summerseat. We are particularly drawn to this photograph – there is so much detail including a group of young boys on the bridge, all with arms folded awaiting their next adventure!


It would be wonderful if anyone out there could identify the bridge and confirm that the location is definitely Summerseat?



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2 Responses to Photograph of the Month: Summerseat?

  1. Adam says:

    It’s Brooksbottoms gorge, just upstream from what is now the Spinnings (off to the left), with Grants Tower in the background top left. Bass Lane is on top of the cliffs to the right.
    The area is to the far right of this map from here

    • buryculture says:

      Thank you very much Adam, your information will help us when we come to catalogue the image for our database. Thanks for the link to the map too – what a useful website!

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