Donald Jack Display

Following on from our post about Radcliffe-born author, Donald Jack, we are very pleased to tell you that our display is up and running!

It was a pleasure to welcome Gordon Hale as one of the first visitors to view it – he was really thrilled to see the photos, particularly as they were taken way back in 1962 when Mr Jack had his first novel published. In addition to the display, we have copies of Donald Jack’s novels for you to browse.


Please note, if you are a library member you can borrow the first volume of The Bandy Papers and discover for yourself the comic genius of its author!


And here are a few images from Gordon’s visit last Friday:




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3 Responses to Donald Jack Display

  1. Richard Hilton says:

    He was my father-in-law. Anything you need to know? I’m also in touch with his daughter.

    • buryculture says:

      That’s wonderful, thank you for your response. I have sent you a private email message!

    • Gordon Hale says:

      Hi, my name is Gordon Hale and I have been involved in the quest relating to Donald Jack and the original blog post from the start eighteen months ago.
      Wendy and the staff in Archives have made a lot of progress and we now know that more information is held by the University of Calgary where his records and other papers are stored.
      DJ began writing in Radcliffe (now a town within Bury MBC) and the Authority has good reason to be proud of that association. His achievements are considerably more than we knew when we started; we hoped to be able to mark his life in Radcliffe by perhaps a plaque on display at the house where he lived before leaving for Nova Scotia. The house is no longer standing but we have seen a plaque in Manchester, relating to another writer, affixed to the wall of a building now standing on the site where the writer had lived, so an alternative to a Blue Plaque could be a possibility if it had Council support.
      We hoped to be able to produce a document to support DJ’s successes and include some information on what his family thoughts were on him as an individual; they must be proud to be related to such a capable writer with his own style on comedy, obvious to any reader.
      Can you help? We just wish to present a complementary picture of the man….he must have been popular, but was he close to family members or perhaps something of a quiet character who was rarely involved with those not involved in the writing ‘community’ if that is how you would describe it.
      We can assure you and other family members that we regard this as a very late opportunity to bring DJ to the attention of the people of Bury. We have, you may know, several other connections with Bury eg Peter Skellern, Richmal Crompton, Victoria Wood and Danny Boyle.
      Writers are now much more ‘celebrities’ due to TV interviews etc; when DJ was popularly known, no-one knew anything about what they were like as individuals.
      Did DJ’s family know that he was such a great writer or was it just a job he had always had so was accepted without any curiosity from them; I remember that Paul Macartney’s daughter suddenly realised that her Dad was the famous singer.
      So anything we get would be a breakthrough telling us whether he was funny, easy-going, a thinker or just dead boring.

      We don’t expect you to spend too much time on it, but if you could provide some information to promote DJ’s considerable writing talents it will be appreciated by Wendy and myself and treated in confidence.

      Kind Regards,
      Gordon Hale

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