Your Archive Needs You!

Bury Remembers The First World War

appeal poster

Would you like to be INSPIRED?

After our two most recent blog posts have brought you up to date with all the wonderful work that the project has achieved so far with local schools and artists; we now want to share our amazing Inspiration Boxes with more of the Borough’s residents. This is your opportunity to get your hands on all of this local history information for free and to see just how it inspires you.

box contents

Each Inspiration Box contains several examples of random newspaper content from the Boroughs World War 1 newspapers, as well as postcards that detail authentic recipes from the period and show examples of just some of the pieces of art that have been inspired by the project so far.

We have included a full set of instructions within the boxes contents that detail how you can share your work with us.

Project Letter - available in inspiration boxesinstructions letter page 2 from inspiration boxes

As well as a…

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1 Response to Your Archive Needs You!

  1. I think this is such a great idea. I will be looking forward (from my thousands of miles away) to see what comes up.

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