Photograph of the Month: Market Place Bury

What do you do if you haven’t got the technology to create a panoramic photograph of a scene you greatly admire? If all you have is an image with a narrow field of view which irritatingly cuts through the windows and upsets the grandeur of the beautiful architecture you wish to capture and preserve and remember? It’s quite simple – you cut out a long piece of card, attach the photograph to it with added bits of paper either end and sketch in the rest by hand. Genius!!

Image of Market Place, Bury

This is August photograph of the month showing an early 20th century ‘panoramic’ scene of Market Street, Bury. There is no record to advise whether photographer and ‘sketcher’ are the same person but we’re all in agreement here that it’s one of the most unusual Bury Street Scenes we’ve discovered in our photographic archive.


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