Home Learning Challenge: Genealogy

It’s a bit like being a detective when you start tracing your family history – this is what Harry Cain discovered when he visited the search room this morning to find out more about his maternal grandmother’s side of the family. Harry is from Christ Church Primary School in Walshaw and his genealogy research forms part of a Home Learning Challenge set by the school.

Harry ready to inspect the Rate Book

We always like to think the Archives is not just about ‘dusty old ledgers’ but today it was just that! We wanted Harry to take a break from the computer and experience what it’s like to be a real genealogical sleuth, armed with clues and searching through primary source material. The hefty volume Harry and his grandad searched through is a Rate Book for Radcliffe from 1924, in there they located Harry’s three time great grandfather, Richard Pye, who was an Insurance Agent and lived at Whittaker Street in Radcliffe.

Harry with Rate Book for Radcliffe from 1924

Harry with his Granddad

Harry uses a map from 1930 to help locate streets in the Rate Book

Harry was fascinated by the material we showed him and said he would love to come back to the archives to discover more and continue growing his family tree.



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