Archive Service Accreditation

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been a little quiet here in blog-land! Mainly because we have been busy reorganising our search room into a more streamlined space both for ourselves and our visitors. We now have all the Parish Transcripts and Indexes in here (rather than in the museum space). In addition, we have rehomed the microfilm/fiche computer and scanner into our search room so it’s less hassle for our users when they need some assistance.

We’ve also carried out lots of behind-the-scenes work in our store rooms ready for an inspection from The National Archives Service in response to our accreditation application. We needed everything to be ship shape!!

We are pleased to announce that we have now had confirmation from The National Archives that we have received our award of Archive Service Accreditation. Amongst other things, this will help improve our ability to protect and care for our collections whilst ensuring we provide suitable access for all our lovely visitors.

Exciting times ahead!

Archives Team: L-R Nichola Walshaw, Wendy Gradwell, Adam Carter and Helen Lindsay

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2 Responses to Archive Service Accreditation

  1. Jacqui Caven says:

    I am in australia and i am doing an online diploma in family history through the Universary of Tasmania. I grew up in Stretford but my dad grew up in Bury, his great grandfather was John Ward who rebuilt the Packhorse Hotel. As part of my course i am writing my dads biography (hes now 91) i need some help with some research which i have been unable to solve through Ancestry etc. Please could you tell me how much you charge for your research services and how to request.
    Kind regards
    Jacqui Caven

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