Donation of the Month: Keep Moving! Arthur Murray Removals

We always get excited when we receive donations! And photographs, especially, almost make us jump up and down with delight. All those moments caught on camera! When you donate your images to archive services what you are doing is preserving memories – not only for yourself but for future historians, researchers and members of the community who take pride in their heritage and their past.

Our Donation of the Month is from two lovely blokes – Jim Taylor and Sid Elston. They were absolutely brimming with memories of the time they worked together for local Bury removals company Arthur Murray (their snappy slogan was: “Keep Moving”!!).


From L-R: Jim Taylor, Helen Lindsay, Sid Elston

Jim and Sid both followed in their fathers’ footsteps – Jim Taylor Snr and Thomas Elston – who worked for the firm in the early days. Murray’s Removals were based in Spring Street – near the Scala cinema and the business was founded in 1909 by brothers Arthur and George Murray.


Over the decades they transported goods from local mills and manufacturers in addition to domestic removals. Sometimes they would encounter local celebrities and sports personalities who needed a reliable firm to transport their belongings to their new homes. We were enthralled when they shared fond stories of helping Violet Carson aka Ena Sharples to keep moving! (Yes, you’re right we are very easily star-struck!)

The photograph below shows Jim leaning nonchalantly on his Bedford van on 30th July 1966. Now why would Jim remember so clearly the exact date? Of course – it was World Cup Final Day! He remembers having the roads to himself that day as they were completely free of traffic.

Thank you Jim and Sid, we really enjoyed hearing your stories and anecdotes and are delighted with our new photograph donation which will be digitised and uploaded to our new image website (coming soon, we promise!)

Anyone donating photographs to Bury Archives Service can be safe in the knowledge that they are stored in the best possible conditions for their long-term preservation. Please get in touch if you would like to ‘preserve memories’ with Bury Archives.








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2 Responses to Donation of the Month: Keep Moving! Arthur Murray Removals

  1. Chris Murray says:

    This was my great grandfathers company. He also owned 7 cinemas and the dance hall in bury. My dad died yesterday and I am currently sat knee deep in all the old pictures! Do you need any? Chris Murray

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