Bernard Fielding Archive: a work in progress

We’re well under way with our scanning and cataloguing of the Bernard Fielding Image collection. We’ve had grateful help with this project from many volunteers in recent years, but for the past 12 months or so, Daniel (who is on the Bury Council Apprenticeship Scheme) has used his fine attention to detail for carrying on the task. Daniel is very methodical in his approach to working for us in the archives; we’re really pleased about that as this is exactly what’s needed to scan and catalogue this marvellous collection of slides.

Daniel Cooke scanning the Bernard Fielding Slides

We are very lucky to hold this fascinating archive, and along with the slides, it contains the personal papers of Mr Bernard Fielding (1927-2001).  Mr Fielding was a campaigner for the preservation of local historical landmarks in Radcliffe.  He was also one of the leaders in the campaign to restore Radcliffe Tower (Ref No MMX/17).  In addition to this, he was also heavily involved with the Radcliffe Civil Amenities Society (Ref No GCA).

Radcliffe Library, c.1970s taken from the Bernard Fielding Photo Collection

Some of the items catalogued include two bundles of papers documenting the efforts made by Bernard Fielding between 1968 to 1989 to restore Radcliffe Tower and bring it into public ownership; these include notebooks, technical drawings, and sketches of the tower.  Bernard also began writing a book about the history of Radcliffe Tower titled In the Hall of a Saxon King but it was never published.  A draft of this book is included amongst these set of papers.

Bridge Methodist School, Radcliffe, demolition, c.1978 taken from the Bernard Fielding Photo Collection

A large part of this archive has not yet been catalogued, although we have had lots of help from volunteers to produce a draft list of what’s inside the boxes. We hope to upload the scanned images (which fill almost half of the 33 boxes which make up the collection) to our image website in the near future.


Steve Perry, volunteer, who has helped list the contents of the boxes

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