BBC Centenary Radio Manchester

The BBC celebrates its centenary this month and to mark this very special occasion we have chosen some audio material originally aired on BBC Radio Manchester. Listen and enjoy ….


Radcliffe Town Hall, 1980 ©Bury Archives

On September 1st, 1981, we hear journalist, Tony Coll asking residents of Radcliffe why they want to leave the Metropolitan Borough of Bury; a petition is being presented to Environmental Secretary, Michael Heseltine calling for the old Borough of Radcliffe to be brought back.


Prestwich & Whitefield Guide, 31 March 1983

On March 30th, 1983, a one hundred weight black-pudding, measuring three feet across, was delivered by helicopter to Lonsdale Food & Drink Co. headquarters in Hollins Village. This mega-pudding was for a civic reception to commemorate the building’s opening by the Mayor of Bury, Councillor John McCarthy.


Aerial view of Ramsbottom, c.1950s. ©Bury Archives

Radio Manchester looks back at the year 1952! One of the top radio shows was “Have a Go” and the first live broadcast of it was from Ramsbottom.


No date is given for this clip of Roy Cross interviewing Max Jacobson, a taxi driver from Prestwich, who entertains his passengers with magician’s tricks. You’ll like this, not a lot, but you’ll like it …


It’s Friday June 4th in 1987, get ready for the weekend kids!! Radio interviewer, Lynn Howe asks the children of Higher Lane Infant School, Whitefield, what they do in their leisure time.


Bolton Street Station, volunteers. c.1980s ©Bury Archives

Recorded in 1981, Harry Hatcher of the East Lancashire Railway Preservation Society discusses the Society’s efforts to buy the disused Bury to Rawtenstall line from British Rail.

A big thank you to Manchester Archives for all your efforts in locating the audio material and allowing us to share it with our community!

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