The Day The Circus Came To Town.


Local newspapers are available on microfilm.

It is a funny old thing when we are asked to perform a piece of research using our local newspapers; you just can’t help it when your eyes and attention are swayed by other interesting snippets of information, pictures, adverts and headlines! But, you know what, when this happens it adds to our teams local knowledge and that will, in turn, help with future enquiries. Every little bit of information helps!

This was exactly the scenario when the lovely Christine – Local and Family History Library Assistant – was performing her latest piece of research. She was thrilled when she came across this article detailing Broncho Bill’s Circus’s visit to Bury in 1929.


Extracted from The Bury Times April 27th 1929


You can smell the grease paint; hear the band and the animals, and feel the crowds excitement! The following extracts from the article sum up the Circus’s impact on Bury beautifully:

‘A circus in fact has a strange fascination for young and old alike, and wherever it appears eager crowds flock to witness deeds of daring. Such was the case on Thursday, when Bury was favoured with a visit from the original Broncho Bill’s great Wild West exhibition and mammoth circus. During the whole of the day the fairground, the centre of attraction, was a scene of great animation. The mushroom-like growth of the huge marquee is ever a source of wonderment, and the circus derives much of its fascination from the fact that it comes and goes “like a ghost in the night.”

‘The brass band , under the efficient leadership of R. Goaling, A.F.M, played a series of popular selections throughout the performance, adding to the attractiveness of a show which will long be remembered by those who were privileged to be present.’

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