Ancestral Photo Shoot: WW1 Soldier with descendants

We talked about Private Albert Carter from Bury (who lost his life during a raid on enemy trenches in July 1916) in a previous posting. Now we want to share some of the images of Albert and his descendants taken at a very special photo shoot held in the search room here at Bury Archives.

Four generations of the Chapman family with their ancestor, Albert Carter

We were pleased to meet and photograph Albert’s niece – Betty Chapman, his great nephew – Ian, his two times great niece – Holly, and little Amelia, Albert’s three times great niece. That’s four generations of Albert Carter’s family who were eager to communicate their love, respect and gratitude for this young man’s bravery and sacrifice carried out during the First World War.

There were so many emotions we set out to capture and we’re sure we went someway to achieving this in the resulting images – a selection of which can be seen below.

Betty Chapman, Ian Chapman with portrait of Uncle Albert

Four generations of hands with Albert’s medals

Ian Chapman – composite portrait with Uncle Albert

We also produced a short film to tell a little of Albert’s story alongside memories of the photo shoot:

By exploring archives and being inspired by them we can help connect communities to their heritage and create individual stories; it was a huge privilege for us to share the Chapman’s family history and capture new memories for them to be passed on to future generations.



To learn more about Albert Carter’s experiences of war, please read our earlier blog post!


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